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This fabulous Westleigh pizza oven standing close & outside to where the pool fence line needed to be, did not deter us - I designed extra tall inconspicuous (black) alum pool fencing to meet effective height & climb zone challenges.This Westleigh "billy goat" backyard has magnificent bush views which we complemented by custom made Spotted Gum hardwood posts supporting black aluminium pool fence panels.This Hornsby Heights pool deck overlooks bush valley & we replaced old non-compliant horizontal wire balustrades with black alum panels fitted under Merbau rails. We also extended far end of deck where there was no decking with same design. (July 2021)In Nov 2021, stage 2, we replaced ugly & weak metal garden fence adjacent pool deck with same design as the deck balustrades, where client painted the chunky treated pine posts black. What a magic outlook!
Re-purposed wrought-iron fence & gates_PymbleRe-purposed wrought-iron fence & gates_Pymble

Re-purposed wrought-iron fence & gates_Pymble

Re-purposed wrought-iron fence & gates_Pymble

Re-purposed wrought-iron fence & gates at Pymble ...


Early June 2021 we did an interesting driveway area fencing job in Pymble, re-using very heavy & beautifully made old wrought iron gates (2) & panels made from solid steel spear pickets.

A few weeks prior we removed ~13m of this non-compliant fencing from a pool area in a heritage home in Pymble. I advertised the old fence panels, gates & posts on Gumtree & on same day was contacted by client #2 also from Pymble & also owning a heritage home who met me next morning to assess the materials. He bought all the old materials, then that arvo I spent 2 hours at site #2 doing gap analysis to conclude that 90% of what we had would fit the new driveway layout.My steel fabricator mate Mark Philips had to make 1 new post to match the 8 others, modify 2 existing posts to adapt them to become corner posts, modify 1 stepped panel into a plain panel, plus made 9 of my custom designed post anchor inserts & base flange plates with threaded rods that the old posts sat over & fixed onto. We core-drilled through sandstone then into underlying concrete slab, & set the anchors in structural grout.We did the steel fabrication & welding modifications, post anchors assembly, & installed it all in 1 day onsite. I hung the heavy gates next day.
Great teamwork & a fabulous result whilst doing our bit to save the planet & re-purpose something that could have been tipped!
Westleigh_monument-garden-fence-big-19mm-square-picketsWestleigh_monument-garden-fence-big-19mm-square-picketsTurramurra monument pool fence & retaining wallTurramurra monument pool fence & retaining wall
This Westleigh home needed dog-proof garden fencing & a gate. So I installed Monument colour (to match existing other fences) tubular alum with big 19mm square pickets (to match existing balustrades).Also now much less chance the basketball will roll down the steep yard & bush below.This Turramurra pool area was entirely surrounded by climbable shrubs & non-compliant timber picket fencing & balcony railing. We redesigned a transparent monument isolating pool fence. We also replaced a rotten sleeper retaining wall.We also consulted the certifier to redesign the alcove entry area so to retain 2 beautiful shrubs that were originally in the climb zones outside old fence.
Marsfield-sheet-steel-rear-fence---alum-slat-extensions-to-side-pool-fenceMarsfield-sheet-steel-rear-fence---alum-slat-extensions-to-side-pool-fenceMarsfield-alum-slat-extensions-to-side-pool-fenceArcadia combo glass & alum pool fence
This Marsfield job 1st needed a new sheet steel privacy fence to hide a non-compliant timber paling fence. I had to lift some deck boards to allow digging new post holes through the structure ...then we installed an array of different height alum slat panels on stepped side fence (concrete besser-block) to raise its effective height to >1.8m & installed in a way to not create a climb-down issue for compliance ...the clients now have more privacy & an attractive pool area that is low maintenance. Refer to their testimonial to see how I relieved their stress dealing with the council order.This Arcadia job was a combination glass (by First Class Glass) & alum pool fence (by us). The magic views from home across pool to valleys beyond were framed by the Monument coloured alum pool fence.
Partnered with my First Class Glass glazier mates on combination glass/alum project ...where I installed aluminium pool fence & gate at end of pool ...also a large alum slat privacy panel at end of patio. 2nd stage work was to install 3 gates in same alum slat panels to utility rooms under the patio.We replaced a very rotten timber slat balustrade on two townhouse upstairs patios in Pennant Hills ...
Galston pool filter shed & raised boundary fenceGalston pool filter shed & raised boundary fenceGalston pool filter shed & raised boundary fencePennant-Hills-vertical-alum-picket-balustrade
In Galston we raised the side boundary fence (that was too low) by adding a layer of palings to their pool side,... then replaced a rusted steel filter box (that was climbable)... with a tall Western Red Cedar cladded filter shed (custom made kit order).... we installed Jasper (colour) tubular aluminium vertical slat balustrades ...
We reduced the size of pool area at this Westleigh home, with a combination monument colour tubular aluminium & frameless glass pool fence.... I also installed a sheet steel filter-box.This pool fence in Ryde was climbable from a concrete block garden wall outside it - so I extended posts then installed a black alum frame above it & clad it with a clear polycarbonate shield. This is the least noticeable option for a tubular pool fence height extension.

... fixed to large section aluminium posts fixed to their timber patio posts & beams.

No more painting or timber maintenance!

North-Epping-alum-pool-fence-timber-boundary-fenceNorth-Epping-alum-pool-fence-timber-boundary-fenceNorth-Epping-alum-pool-fence-timber-boundary-fenceDenistone garden gate & stairway handrail
In this North Epping project we replaced both side boundary fence (lapped & capped timber paling) ...& internal pool fence (charcoal
tubular aluminium)
... & neighbours side gate.This gate & fence are intended to keep a young child away from the dangers of the backyard.
pergola over climbable pool filter box on boundary fenceAluminium slat gatesAluminium slat gates20180608_Turramurra_new pool fence & raised boundary fence
Like the Berowra job below, this St-Ives pool filter box on boundary fence could be climbed down onto, so we built a pergola over it after we raised the fence to compliant height.My Berowra client needed dual gates to cover a very large span - so I installed these tall aluminium slat gates hung off large section steel posts (all powder-coated Woodland Grey)... I also replaced an old heavy timber gate nearbyThis near new paling boundary fence in Turramurra was not high enough due to a sleeper installed along base - so I raised the fence with a slat & installed a new rear tubular alum pool fence to isolate problems with rear boundary fence & filter box
This rusted & under-height steel fence in St-Ives was supporting a vigorous growing vine very close to the pool our team removed the vine & pool fence, then installed a new tubular alum fence to match other existing pool fencewe had some tricky rocks to navigate ...then cut through a garden area to isolate the boundary fence that had many compliance issues.
white-alum-slat-gate-on-carportWahroonga timber boundary & alum pool fenceWahroonga timber boundary & alum pool fenceWahroonga timber boundary & alum pool fence
As stage 2 job (see 4 rows below) I installed a matching white alum slat gate to rear of carport.Every section of this Wahroonga pool barrier was non-compliant, so we replaced the side boundary with capped butted paling fence, ...then installed a charcoal alum pool fence to isolate much of the other yard & house areas.The pool filter box at base of staircase was a tricky challenge to solve but a tall raked tubular panel & clear polycarbonate shield worked well for our happy client (see Andronicus testimonial)
This side boundary fence was not high enough & had climbable (non-compliant) lattice at top we removed the lattice panels (over 25m) then installed 2 slats of sawn treated pine to follow slope of fence & ensure no more than 10mm gapsThis old brushwood fence was deemed non-compliant by council. As it bordered the driveway the client was stressed,... so I replaced it with a butted timber paling fence after confirming with council their requirements for this site.
This Mt Colah home had a very large pool area with a non-compliant pool fence ...So the owner Di & I re-designed the area to reduce by isolating problematic boundary fence & inner fence issues - I even re-used 3 curved panels to save her $$$.This Terry Hills job was challenging with every raked panel a different angle - but we got it right to follow the contours & ensure gaps under were compliant.My fence is behind the pool area in this beautiful home - obviously hard to see amongst the garden.
These deck mounted pool fence posts failed the strength test, so we reinforced them with short black steel posts concreted in ground next to deck & fitted flat bar stays in between ...... now a very solid & safe pool deck (without need to rip-out & replace the fence & deck). Outcome was a very happy client!Here in Normanhurst our team did combination of glass & aluminium pool fence. I also raised the side fence with a treated timber slat.This Roseville rumpus room sliding door led out to the pool area, so we installed a tubular pool fence & gate alcove. Now the kids in street cannot go through garage & rumpus to the pool area.
This was an extra tall paling fence with paling heights tapering from 2.4m to 2.0m due to ground slope under coping.This was an interesting shield design to stop climbing along outside edge of deck boards & onto the pool fence.These white aluminium slat screens on a Westleigh carport really transformed both inside ...and outside perspectives. The beauty of powder-coated alum, is no painting upon install or future as with timber slats!
This was an interesting job to design & build a chunky picket fence as side boundary in Killara ...The clients brief was "I want something different to the usual sawn paling fence - but want to keep the rabbits out".The sleeper retaining wall was capped for a neat finish & to keep those rabbits out.This Killara rental property had badly rusted steel posts & gate - so we completely replaced the pool fence with black aluminium.
We had a massive pool area to install black tubular aluminium fence & gates, all sloped & angles, to replace non-compliant ARC steel wire fencing.We also installed charcoal aluminium slat screens along 15m side fence effectively raise the height to over 1.8m of a timber paling fence that sloped from 1.8m down to only 1m.You'll find the client Sue's testimonial on the relevant web page - in short she is very happy!
The pool in this backyard in Wahroonga takes prominence where owners never had to isolate it - until now with the plan to sell I had to get creative about where to run the internal fencing well as replaced an old ARC side boundary fence with new timber fence.The owners are very happy with the outlook & have less to worry about when grand-children visit.
These Turramurra clients bought a home with no pool fence & they had a toddler & new baby born day of move-in ... so we urgently installed this charcoal aluminium pool-fence to give them peace of mind !

This West Pennant Hills glass fence was non-compliant with large gaps underneath & next to post - so I fixed clear polycarbonate shields which are hard to see but strong !

This Wahroonga steel pool fence was non-compliant with gaps just 5mm over standard - so I fixed aluminium angles to inside posts which are hard to see but strong - the gaps now comply !

Carlingford_black alum pool fenceCarlingford_black alum pool fenceCarlingford_black alum pool fenceCarlingford_black alum pool fence
This Carlingford pool fence made from Oxworks black tubular aluminium was a large & tricky job !we had to fully enclose the pool - it was sloped at either end ...& 2 sides were curved had to deal with step-ups to ensure No Climb Zone & gap rules were not breached.
This was a challenging job to replace a rusted sheet steel filter box with a "The Filter Box Company" flat-pack DIY product ...that was big enough to fit the equipment but not too high to be within the 900mm No Climb Zone arc drawn from top of nearby side boundary fence + outside the 500mm wide exclusion zone below.Compliance was a key requirement along with a neat result. I collaborated with Tongarra Pools who supplied the box & did filter equipment upgrade during the project.After cutting out a trench in pavers & setting treated timber plinth flush with pavers (to keep height down) - I filled the base with blue metal.
new Hornsby pool fence charcoal tubularnew Hornsby pool fence charcoal tubularnew Hornsby pool fence charcoal tubularnew Hornsby pool fence charcoal tubular
This new pool in Hornsby (by Crystal Pools) was part of a complete backyard renovation ...

and WOW what a marvelous transformation heh!
It was a pleasure to work wth these clients.

We installed charcoal tubular aluminium fencing & 2 gates & a custom raked retaining wall panel.I also gave advice prior to guide landscapers about setbacks for the sandstone retaining wall outside pool fence for compliance.
pool ladder 
This back path picket gate needed to be robust to keep large dogs in.The raked in-fill panel needed to follow contour of the retained garden.Flange mounted pool ladder 
Merbau posts & charcoal tubular alum pool fenceMerbau posts & charcoal tubular alum pool fencetimber paling boundary fence
I custom built 18 Merbau timber posts for the new tubular aluminium pool fence ...... to blend the new pool area with clients lovely Merbau house deck that overlooks the pool. (stay tuned for updated photos once it is all oiled)My own pool filter system is now enclosed in treated pine sleeper slats. It is extremely quiet, obviously protected from weather, & front panel easily removes to allow access to equipment.Even my own boundary fence needed replacing - we opted for galvanized steel posts for longer life.
I enclosed this front yard with Oxworks Cooktown tubular panels & gates ...we thought the Charcoal looked a bit classier & more subtle than Black ...these raked panels & gate up the driveway worked out perfect ...the clients loved the result especially their dog & young child who have new freedom!
This filter box inside pool area was deemed climbable from top of old fence, so I designed this pergola ...then replaced side fence to compliant 1.8m height ...then built the pergola higher to negate a childs ability to climb down!This new grab rail allows my aging client with bad knees to keep on swimming to keep him young!
This 1.2m high fence had to be raised to 1.8m on 2 boundary lines, so extended the black steel posts ...then lifted the tubular panels 600mm ...then filled gaps under with big treated pine slats ...... the result looks great & now complies!
Raised this pool boundary fence 900mm with dressed slatsRaised this pool boundary fence by 900mm with dressed slatsRaised this pool boundary fence by 900mm with dressed slats
Raised this pool boundary fence by 900mm with dressed slatsRaised this pool boundary fence by 900mm with dressed slatsRaised this pool boundary fence by 900mm with dressed slatsPost extension carpentry is critical for strength, plumb & straightness
Before 1 - Boundary fence was not 1.8m highBefore 2 - Boundary fence was not 1.8m high & lattice was brokenAfter 1 - Boundary fence was raised to 1.8m high with treated pine slatsAfter 2 - Boundary fence was raised to 1.8m high with treated pine slats
Before 1 - Boundary fence was not 1.8m high & lattice was brokenBefore 2 - Boundary fence was not 1.8m high & lattice was brokenAfter 1 - Boundary fence was raised to 1.8m high with treated pine slatsAfter 2 - Boundary fence was raised to 1.8m high with treated pine slats

Isolate pool from rest of yard-1

Isolate pool from rest of yard-1Isolate pool from rest of yard-2Isolate pool from rest of yard-3Isolate pool from rest of yard-4
Custom timber frame fence built over sloped rockery, with clear polycarbonate infillsCustom timber frame fence built over sloped rockery, with clear polycarbonate infills
New Pool Fence & Gate to Isolate House DoorPool Fencing Down to Bush GroundCustom timber frame fence built over sloped rockery, with clear polycarbonate infillsCustom timber frame fence built over sloped rockery, with clear polycarbonate infills
Custom timber frame fence built over sloped rockery, with clear polycarbonate infills 
Fence Height ExtensionsSteel Privacy FencingCustom timber frame fence built over sloped rockery, with clear polycarbonate infills 
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