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How We Make Your Pool Safe

Examples of some non-compliance problems & solutions:




Gaps   Fit in-fills with same or suitable durable panels (e.g. treated timber under or clear acrylic guards over).
Gates   Repair or replace hardware to ensure automatic self-closing & latching, or replace entire gate.
Latch handles   Fit new magnetic latch at correct height onto existing gates & posts. Or, fit clear acrylic guards.
Fence heights too low   Extend or Raise height of existing fences, e.g. Timber - fit palings or pickets to inside your fence.
Steel privacy fence   Raise top rails, fit post extenders, & replace in-fill panels with taller ones. 
Or, replace existing fences & gates (aluminium, glass).
Climbable Zones   Fit timber rail taper splays, clear acrylic guards, palings or pickets to inside your fence.
Gate not opening outwards away from the pool   Flip (if possible)
House wall barriers   Fit child safety window latches, door closers & latches (depending on which standard applies & type of door).
Other landscaping related repairs   Inspection required.
No CPR signs   Install CPR signs.


Other areas of specialty include:

swimming pool grab railpool filter enclosure
Grab Rails Pool Filter Enclosures
privacy screenfence extension
Privacy Screens Fence Extensions
gate repairs  
Gate Repairs  


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